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Apr 12th '13
Quoting Minion:" <blockquote><b>Quoting Chick+6!:</b>" <blockquote><b>Quoting ♫♥♬:</b>" ... [snip!] ... Do you have that? They could send him there easy. And a bus woul even take him there. The school's response makes me angry."

I agree! there was a school like that for kids who did that stuff..

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Oct 10th '13

Have you tried getting a referral from the emergency psych department at your local emergency center? At the psychiatric hospital I work for that is a way some of the parents get the referral they need to get their child into a facility.

There is also calling your local crisis hotline next time you feel like your child is having a crisis. They normally have on-call psychologist or psychiatrist that can give you a referral.

If he was diagnosed with a behavioral issue- you could call your local department of health and human services to determine if they have a medical waiver that your eligible for his care. I think the waiver is called Katie Beckett but I am not entirely sure on that.

I hope you can get he help he needs to live a long and fulfilling life.

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Oct 12th '13

Quoting Chick+6!:
Quoting Mum to a Monster:" Can I ask where in CO you are? I used to live in the Springs and i know two great groups who might be able to help if you live relatively close to there."

In Denver, near DIA.

Would you drive him to lakewood for school? Would you be against changing schools if it was a school built to foster relationships and what HE needs from school? I seriously know a school that could change his life and help him build friendships and a foundation to help him get out of depression. This school is public but very, VERY different, and 3 times a week there are "homeroom" sessions which is kind of like therapy.

Let me tell you about the school I student taught at and explain just how much this school changed MY life... but even more so it changes the KIDS lives. This response may be long but I really think this school could help him and give him a start that would absolutely change his life n empower him.

The school is called Jefferson County Open School. It is build with the younger kids together from k-6th, then pre-walkabout is 7-9th, and walkabout is 10-12th. But pre walkabout and walkabout can take classes together... I'll get to that in a minute.

Each student has an advisor and advising groups. It is one main "teacher" they meet with and that teacher is responsible for the more emotional side of their academics. Their advising group can be looked at like their homeroom... just 20-30 kids that truly become best buds. They have special trips JUST for your advising groups. 3 times a week in the morning and 2 times a week in the afternoon the groups meet and talk. Sometimes its a quick talk and they go on their way to do whatever they want academically, other times its to discuss an important topic. Sometimes a kid, lets say its your son, tells his advisor "Im having a really bad day can we talk?" Then they can talk alone or in their group called a triad, which is 3-4 other kids put together to support each other. There are no bells to change class. There is no set homework in the traditional form. There are no set regular classes. It is completely individualized. Lets say your son super excels in math... instead of being with just his grade he can go to the walkabout/"high school" classes and have more challenging classes. But he struggles in English, so he is put in a class with other kids to his ability level. It's not a bad thing... half the time people don't even know what real "grade" kids are in. As for grades... each kid builds a portfolio and has a set list of things they need to do in order to pass the levels in school. They need to have community service hours, they need to build projects that show what they want to do in life. This isnt a "lets take a test and see how well you do" kind of school. This is a "build a project, any project, and show me you learned" school. They have goals they work on and once they pass those goals and projects... they pass their grade or go to walkabout. They MUST go on a trip to pass walkabout and pre walkabout. This can mean taking a weekend in the mountains with their advising group or it can be as big as going overseas with the spanish class and travel spain for 2 weeks. There are LOTS of fundraising opportunities. I helped co-teach a class where kids learned about Hurricane Katrina and went to New Orleans and helped those that are still struggling to get their life on track after the hurricane go far in life. This years trip was to build a house from habitat for humanity. Last year they went to the jazz festival in New Orleans and helped a woman and her kids get settled into a new home and off of welfare. Kids go backpacking overseas. Some kids just cant pay for a huge trip like that so they go into the mountains here and write stories, camp out... have a night camping alone and just realize the value of their own mind. There was a surfing trip with one class. The school is freaking INCREDIBLE.

The coolest thing? Kids can teach classes. Lets say your son is fascinated by skateboarding. Kids can go to their advisors and the principal and say "I want to build a mini skate park at the school. Can I develop a class where we learn to build ramps and rails, we will learn to hone in our skills and for our trip we will go to a skate park and teach kids how to skate." He can develop his own class, teach it for a semester and he gets credit for it. They decide that the class gets art credit, or maybe English if they read a textbook, maybe science for the technicalities of building stuff and social studies for helping kids. BAM! Your kid is getting class credit for teaching his own class. Your son can start a class on bullying and how to rise above the pain... he gets credit for it.

They let the kids dress like individuals there. Oh, and the best part? There is no "I only talk to my teacher at school." The advisors have their kids numbers and we can text each other. Call each other. It is EXPECTED of teachers to be like parents. I had a student message me late at night one night struggling with staying true to her virginity and problems with a boy. So I talked to her like a mother. I told her the truth of how boys can be. I discussed how hard it is to be a Mom. I told her that I loved her like a daughter (I really do) and later on my last day of school? Her Mom hugged me and thanked me for being there for her daughter. I had a student struggle with suicide and I stayed up with him all night telling him how wonderful he is (he has such a shitty life). I was crying to my ex about how I was so afraid to lose him. I had an assignment for a poem we were studying and in that assignment a kid came out to me when she hadnt come out to her peers. I cried then too and wrote her a letter about how I was so happy she trusted me. I went to a students Bar Mitvah... this is the same student that broke down crying in front of me saying school was so hard for him and he didn't understand why life was so hard for him. I gave him a hug and told him how he's capable and how hard school was for me and how to overcome it.

There are no plain white walls in the classroom.... there are murals painted everywhere by students. We had chalkboard pain walls and made notes to each other and drawings in there. Teachers wear comfy clothes and are on par with the students.... there is no wearing suits and being "above" the kids. They have fun days where there are no classes and instead we bring in bouncy castles, sprinklers... have snowball fights in the Winter. I had a student bring her rat to school sometimes. A student found a hurt bird and so I excused them from class to go find a bird rescue and take the bird in (I have pics from that actually!) The kids are learning... so even if they miss a class its not just for simply ditching. Sometimes a kid is having a really tough time so I get their triad members excused from class and let them go have a counseling session.

The school is amazing. Here is a short documentary on it. I would seriously..... SERIOUSLY consider this school!