Does this seem right? Japan 388 posts
Apr 11th '13

I'm a little confused here.

I filled for custody, visitation ( to bring up that I don't want it), and child support on April 2nd. Once I got finished filing with the intake officer I had to take them to the clerk so she could process them. I asked her how long it would take to get into court and she told me that it depends on the docket but we would each get paperwork sent to us in two weeks with a courtdate.

Today his BM told me that he went today to file for visitation/custody and was told court is in June but she couldn't remember the date.

If I was told the bit about getting paperwork sent out with our courtdate how was he given a courtdate? Do you think he was lying to her about that?

How could he get a courtdate before a mediation date or could he have said he didn't want mediation if it was true about him getting a court date?

Does that seem right to you?

penispenispenisVAGINA 4 kids; Idaho 7119 posts
Apr 11th '13

sounds like a lie to me. if anything call the court house and ask or just wait till papers come

Japan 388 posts
Apr 11th '13
Quoting Ladee+Grant+Lilly:" Maybe they scheduled YOUR court date, and haven't sent out papers yet, and that's what they gave him. "

That's the only thing my mom and his BM could think of on how he could get a court date.

Sneakmom 2 kids; Texas 4861 posts
Apr 11th '13

I did this to my ex when he filed and his lawyer was stalling while he kept DD away from me. It basically accepts being served or whatever and forces them to set a court date to speed the process.