Mama Lizzy :] 1 child; Texas 5575 posts
Apr 11th '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting Tweakrachie:</b>" What about veggie shish kebabs, I used tomato, zuichini onion and red, green and orange peppers Then ... [snip!] ... and light spray of olive oil on a baking dish and put them in the over for 20 minutes, It's always a hit :) Hope this helps"</blockquote>

Ooo I already have the little spear sticks too! Thank you!!

blah 17 kids; Alabama 7639 posts
Apr 11th '13

Raw zucchini noodles with a potatoes peeler, Google raw tomato sauce to put on top, Google raw cashew cheese, raw walnut taco meat, raw corn macho cheese, heirloom or romaine lettuce leaf wraps, raw carrot noodles, steamed garlic and cauliflower mashed like mock mashed potatoes, lightly sauted asparagus sprinkled in olive oil and Real salt, Google chocolate kale chips, smoothies, frozen bananas mashed to make banana sorbet, Google cauliflower pizza crust, Google raw tacos, avocado pudding made from avocado cacao honey and coconut oil, mashed steamed butternut squash and sweet potatoes