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Apr 9th '13


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Apr 9th '13
Quoting Lucas'Mama:" So my almost 6 month old has always been a great sleeper. Slept through the night from 7 weeks til about ... [snip!] ... I refuse to CIO. I just want to get him back into the good sleeping habits he used to have. For both of our sakes :( Heeeeelp!"

Might be cutting a tooth?

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Apr 9th '13

Try not to think of sleeping through as 'good sleep habits', because that is not the biological norm. Babies usually awaken often and through early toddlerhood too. I have chronic health problems and am a single parent but i promise you adjust and cope with lack of sleep. It is not forever, it will pass :) Teething, new foods, exposure to illness, milestones, developmental and cognitive spurts can all affect night time sleep ontop of the regular growth spurts. My son nursed hourly for at least the infant stage.

Look at these
Adjusting expectations can help a lot.

Eating well, drinking plenty, socializing, fresh air, exercise, relaxing, napping whenever you can during the day.. these things all give you the emotional and physical strength to be able to deal with night time waking, along with patience and understanding.

My son was vaccine injured though and that also had an impact with his sleep too.

Can't you just cosleep? Ds wouldn't sleep more than 10 mins in a crib. With cosleeping i got a lot more sleep, as did he.

It will get easier. I always found that with hindsight there was always a valid reason for the frequent waking.

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Apr 9th '13

I'm thinking it's probably teething or a growth spurt, maybe a reaction to the solids? We started him on them last week.
Might try no solids today and pamol before bed and see how that goes. I've been semi co-sleeping (only when I'm too tired to stay awake) but I don't want him getting used to sleeping in our bed. Plus our bed isn't really big enough for me, SO and DS to all sleep comfortably. Well, they sleep comfortably, I end up squished in the middle lol. And by good sleep habits I meant not waking up every hour and sleeping in his own bed lol I'm not expecting him to start sleeping through the night again, as nice as that would be.

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Apr 10th '13

Cosleeping and waking frequently are not bad habits though, they are a normal stage of development :) (think links are good at explaining all that).

If it was solids then i hope taking a break from them helps. Crawling and pulling up seem to affect a lot of babies aswel as the 6 month growth spurt, it seems common for sleep to be disrupted at 6 months and then they fight sleep and parents have a hard time from 7-9 months. And then the seperation anxiety stuff kicks in. And then walking and more teething, and then the cognitive spurt and talking. It can be pretty constant till 2 or so. I totally set out there to say i hope it passes soon, oops lol. It makes it better when you wake up to a nice smiley baby face though :)