Prolonged QT's SugarAndCyanide_ Ohio 970 posts
Apr 9th '13

Anyone had this? My dr said it can lead to fainting, seizures or sudden death. Every time they do an EKG it shows the prolonged QT's. My family has a history of heart problems even younger kids. Am I worried for no reason? Or do you think it's normal to be very worried? My dad has been battling heart problems for almost 3 years now, and my grandpa died at 60 of a heart attack. The dr set me up to see a Cardiologist, and for now he said I can't do activities that would put a lot of pressure on the heart cause he thinks this may be something very serious.

The Pretender Due May 5; 2 kids; Brazil 1232 posts
Apr 9th '13

It's called LONG QT SYNDROME and it has a genetic link.... It IS serious. BUT, that being said, if you KNOW you have it that is HALF the risk taken away.

You need to talk to a Cardiologist.

There are medications that can cause the long QT syndrome to be symptomatic. Google Long QT medications to avoid.

Some of them are VERY common (such as antibiotics) and you need all people that prescribe medications to you to be aware of this condition.

Have your kids checked to see if they have it too. Let your parents, cousins and siblings know too- if you have it, they might have it too.

There is a lot to learn with this- start with talking to a healthcare professional who specializes in this sort of thing to begin with.