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Apr 8th '13

Hey everyone, I'm a SAHM and my SO just got a new job where he will be working close to 100hrs a week doing physical labor. He use to work doing quick lube, 40 hrs a week and would be home by 5 and cook supper, he loves cooking and I would have evening classes so this worked out. Now, with him being home later, he cant do that and I absolutely don't want him to. I'm done school now and I really want to cook nice suppers for him to come home to, but I grew up in a severly OCD household and was not allowed in the kitchen at all. I couldn't even make my own lunches to go to school lol. So I dont exactly have a natural knack in the kitchen but I do know how to cook and I can follow a recipe.
So, I'm basically asking for meal ideas. Or meal plans for those who use them. What meal plans work best for your family? What are some of your favorite dishes to make and recipes to use for dinners? I tend to overcook meat because I get paranoid about undercooking it so if anyone has any tips on that too it would be great to hear them. I just need some dinner ideas so if anyone would like to share anything that would be so very appreciated!

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Apr 8th '13

Go to
All of her recipes are AMAZING and she does step by step instructions with pictures. I really learned alot through her website.

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Apr 8th '13

Crock pots! When you over cook meat in a crock pot it just makes the taste better. lol. That is how I cook all of my chicken breast and roasts pretty much. :) I'm paranoid about that stuff too.

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Apr 8th '13

There are several groups on facebook devoted to cooking, maybe check one of those out?

Also, I still really don't like frying things...I don't like popping grease.. But last night for dinner, I made mac n cheese, homemade mashed potatoes, and baked BBQ pork tenderloin... the fianc