chicken mommaof3princesses 3 kids; beaver, OH, United States 1259 posts
Apr 8th '13

I bought chicken leg quarters with bbq dry rub already on them how do u cook it i wanna bake it. I ushally just soak my chix in bbq sauce all day and put them in a baking pan cover with foil and bake it on 350

Robin Lynn +Hannah Vista, California 560 posts
Apr 8th '13

Anytime I buy chicken that already has dry rub on it, I just throw it in a baking dish, put some foil over it & cook it like I normally would. A lot of times, I'll cut up come potatoes & squirt some lemon juice in with it & let the potatoes soak up the chicken broth. It always turns out amazing. SO loves it & I can throw it in the over for an hour, not check up on it, & it'll still be fine. Huge time saver since I don't have to consistently check up on it.

Flag Due May 1; 1 child; Newmarket, Ontario 2004 posts
Apr 8th '13

No water in the pan. There's enough fat in the chicken it won't cook dry and burn in the pan.