PT'ing!! Bry & Ry's Mommy (: 2 kids; North Carolina 154 posts
Apr 8th '13

So I'm starting to potty train my 2 year old son again today, I started when he just turned 2 and it didn't work out, he seemed like he wasn't interested in it. Now that he's 27 months old I think he's more interested in it....he keeps holding his diaper when it's full, "i pee pee mommy..I pee pee." So I believe it's time! Wish me luck mama's cause this is my first time ever doing it! (:

JellyJaks Due December 12 (boy); 3 kids; 2 angel babies; El Mirage, Arizona 556 posts
Apr 8th '13

Good luck! We're PT'ing DS2 and some days he's all about being a big boy and using the potty and other days it's like pulling teeth to get him to go outside his diaper. He loves trains though so Grandma bought him some Thomas the Train undies (bless her heart!) and now it's a whole "if you wanna wear your train underwear alone, you HAVE TO use the big boy potty" Here's hoping it's enough motivation lol

☠BryBry'sMuM☠ Due March 19 (girl); 1 child; Fullerton, California 15229 posts
May 9th '13

good luck hun!!