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Apr 6th '13


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Apr 6th '13
Quoting KyliesMommy2012:" Has anyone had gallbladder issues or had it taken out? I was having issues before DD and now after, ... [snip!] ... here and there. It's just now starting back up again at 6 months PP. What did you feel like? Night time is the worst for me."

I am getting my gallbladder out soon but Im lucky to not have much issues. We went in to get a scan of my uterus and my gallbladder was distended so it was just a chance happening for us to find out the problem. My gallbladder is basically dead... I get heartburn but Ive ALWAYS had heartburn. I try to eat healthy so I dont instigate any problems.

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Apr 6th '13

i had my gall bladder removed. i had pancreatitis, caused by a gall stone getting lodged in my duct that connects to the pancreas. i was in excruciating pain for months. it wasn't constant pain. it came and went, but when it came i thought i was going to die. finally after months of suffering my mom took me to the hospital. had to wait a week to get it removed because my enzyme levels were in the couple thousands, and it was only suppose to be in the hundreds. the Dr told me i would have died soon had i not come in when i did.

if you think there's something wrong definintely make a Dr's appt. even if he says nothings wrong i'd still go to the ER or something. my Dr misdiagnosed me for months before i went to the hospital, and was diagnosed.

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Apr 6th '13

it's caused from a high fat diet... my husband had his removed.. surgery is very common but his relief was instant.. Now he has trouble with fatty foods and alcohol

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Apr 6th '13

Having mine removed I was 4 months pp and it was the best feeling ever after it was out After the surgery I still have no problems except I poop a lot in the morning lol