having a home built. -* babino's mama *- 1 child; Lethbridge, Alberta 1243 posts
Apr 5th '13

has anyone done this? (im sure but..haha)
We are looking into it rather then buy one from someone else.
Anyone that hs done it, would you recommend it or no?

does it cost more this way?


Diaper Parties by Vanessa 1 child; Vinton, Iowa 117 posts
Apr 5th '13

I havent done it personally but I know lots of people who are going this route over buying a house and changing/updating it so I assume it must be cost comparable.

Roo & Sophie's mama 2 kids; Denton, Texas 9318 posts
Apr 5th '13

We are currently in the proccess of looking at building a house because everything we have found has been cheaper and nicer then buying an already built house. Plus it will be the house of our dreams because we will get to pick everything in it from layout to counter color :)