Possible implantation bleeding? lindsayrs2000 Due May 5; 3 kids; Nebraska 13 posts
Apr 5th '13

I have a 4 month old son and with my other 2 pregnancys i didn't get my period for about 11 months post partum (due to breast feeding) but with my youngest i got my first period before he was 2 months old. (jan 25th for 7 days) then i got my second on march 1st for 6 days. On march 29th i started what i thought was an early period but it was brown and not enough to tell when i wiped but enough to see after a few hrs in my underwear. I wore a liner and after 2 and a half days it was gone and still haven't gotten what i would think is my real period. So my question is was that my period just really short and light or implantation bleeding?