Mama Lizzy :] 1 child; Texas 5575 posts
Apr 4th '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting Mel & a girl named Pey:</b>" Unless they are going all over the place to functions I think what you got is practical. Kids need clothes to just wear everyday."</blockquote>

That's what I figured :D.

I just dk if I hated targets girl clothes (majority) or just don't like girl stuff in general *shrug*....I love their boy clothes :D

Buzz and Almond Joys momm 2 kids; Albuquerque, New Mexico 12593 posts
Apr 5th '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting Mama Lizzy :]:</b>" <blockquote><b>Quoting ρiηkie ρie:</b>" Pfft. DD wears boy TMNT shirts. ... [snip!] ... future daughter will probably be dressed similar....Of course she would wear w/e she wants when she got old enough to pick tho"</blockquote>

Hey my daughter wears everything from her brothers old turtle out fit ( basket ball shorts and a tee) to petticoat skirts with matching bows. Girls can't always be dressed to the t. Besides- she looks adorable in her brothers outfit.