HELP!!!! ☠Owen Lee's Mommy 1 child; Tennessee 131 posts
Apr 4th '13

I'm very embarrassed to even be posting about this but I want some other opinions other than my moms or stepmoms. They think that I'm suffering from PPD, which my mother suffered with me. I just don't want to believe it cause I'm very embarrassed by this and have always felt that people with PPD didn't want anything to do with their babies and had thoughts of harming them which I do not. I do on the other hand find myself very sad, crying a lot and feeling like I'm doing things wrong even though I've been told by many I'm doing it right. Constantly in fear that I will lose my son in many ways its so unreal. And I care more about my son than my own being. I'm even scared that something will happen to me or DH and my son will grow up without us. Its also been one thing after another with my family sometimes I feel I haven't gotten to enjoy my son like a new mother should(you would have to know my family to understand) along with losing my grandfather at the beginning of the year that I was very close to and lived with many times. And its hard to let things out around my son because I don't want to upset him and I fear that my emotions will affect him and our relationship. Please if ya'll could explain to me what PPD is exactly and help me determine what the deal is with me, is it just hormones or what?

izzy+Ethan 2 kids; Edmonton, Alberta 4056 posts
Apr 4th '13

honestly sounds like babys blues it not PPD but it can turn into PPD i had it pretty bad with my first. i felt like i was way in over my head and like i was unable to care for her etc but it got better within time, i have it kinda now with my second only when im tired though otherwise i feel pretty goo. just ask your family for support and a shoulder to cry on when needed. and sleep when baby does cause the more tired you are the worse it will get