pregnancy bleeding? hunters.mommy12 1 child; Portland, Oregon 3 posts
Apr 4th '13

So i missed my period last month and i was suppose to start my period yesterday but didn't. So i took two pregnancy tests and they were both positive. When i woke up this morning i was bleeding, only a little bit but now its darker and more....what could this be? I'm not in any pain with cramps or anything, just bleeding...please help!

motherofboys 3 kids; Milton-Freewater, Oregon 2263 posts
Apr 4th '13

bleeding during the first trimester is not terribly unusual. Keep an eye on it, if it gets really bad and you start seeing clots or passing tissue you could be having a miscarriage. If it tapers off and stops everything could be just fine. Since you're not cramping I wouldn't worry as much. Contact your dr. if you have one, or call the on call nurse for further suggestions as well. I had some random spotting during this pregnancy but it never became a full on flow, I never had this with my first two, but my baby has a strong heartbeat and is thriving so it was just a little random bleeding. To look on the other side of things, if your bleeding worsens and you are having a miscarriage, there is not really much you could do this early on. If you are starting to miscarry there is likely a reason for it, such as a genetic abnormality, possible blighted ovum, things of that nature. I hope your bleeding stops and you go on to have a healthy successful pregnancy, but if that doesn't happen, let yourself grieve.

hunters.mommy12 1 child; Portland, Oregon 3 posts
Apr 9th '13

So i went to the er thursday did tests, the ultrasound didn't show anything and my HCG levels were 6. They had me go back in to get a nother blood test and my levels were 5. They are leaning twords an ectopic pregnancy. I am really nervous and worried. Is there any way this coild be a normal one??? I am not in any pain anymore and hardly bleeding.