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Apr 4th '13

I just want to wish you good luck with your induction. My son was born with Factor V Lieden as well as MTHFR as well as low APC resistance. All clotting issues. From what I understand of these issues, movement is a very good thing. Keeping your body moving is what helps to prevent the development of blood clots. Sadly my guy had a stroke after his delivery due to a blood clot. I had a very very long delivery which resulted in an emergency c section. IMO, the stress from me being in labor for what seemed forever probably contributed to the stroke, my Dr's agree that this could be it but they really have no way to tell what exactly caused the clot to it will always be a mystery. He has had an awesome recovery and did not suffer any developmental set backs. Babies brains are resiliant like that. I'm not sharing this because I want to scare you but just remember to write down every question that comes to mind so you can ask the dr's when you see them and if something worries you or you are nervous, you need to speak up and get the answers that you need. Good luck and I will be thinking good thoughts for you and your baby. :D