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Apr 4th '13
Quoting LandonLove:" Dis not a joke yall not spam, i cant get into my otha accnt you guyz keep deletin mii account cuz i type diffrnt den yoo"

You dont type differently. You type like an epileptic that just walked into a rave on a shitload amount of drugs and you start seizing on top of a keyboard and people think you are dancing, but no.... those f**king strobe lights make you seize and type like an illiterate fuckwad.

ℐαzmчn 2 kids; Somerset, Kentucky 12712 posts
Apr 4th '13

I feel a headache coming. I just can't

~Elliott's.Mommy~ TTC since Dec 2015; 1 child; 1 angel baby; Eugene, Oregon 3817 posts
Apr 4th '13
Quoting LandonLove:" wtf can i do? dey deleted my otha accnt? so tequnilla i onli hav 1"

Uhmm.. stop making new accounts... You got banned for a reason... figure it out. And figure out how to spell too.