Bloody show Tiffanii :) Due April 8; TTC since Nov 2016; 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Olympia, Washington 396 posts
Apr 3rd '13

If you were in active labor when did you notice your bloody show? Or did you ever notice one?

Captain Obvious 2 kids; Havana, Cuba 25634 posts
Apr 3rd '13

I didn't notice it in either pregnancy.

..Adele.. 18 kids; your moms ass, HI, United States 22698 posts
Apr 3rd '13

it happened on a saturday and then I went into active labor on monday/tuesday(around midnight) and then had him on that same tuesday

this time around I am pretty sure I lost it at around 36 weeks and I'm now 39 weeks and still nothing...Ohh..and with my son I was 39.3 days when I lost my mucus plug and then had him when I was 39.6 weeks.

Shanon Hutchens Due June 22 (boy); 2 kids; Seymour, Tennessee 543 posts
Apr 3rd '13

the morning i had my son and i had showing sat night with my daughter went to hospital sunday but they wouldnt take her cuz i was only 36w 5d but she arrived on tuesday anyways.

M+1 & twin angels <3 1 child; Ballarat, Australia 1583 posts
Apr 3rd '13

I was only 3cm dilated when I had my show. I got it after I was checked at L&D to see how dilated I was.. when I got home I noticed it, so had to go back to the hospital -_- it was bright red, and a ton of blood. Lol, I was scared.