CJKB+JMB=AMB 1 child; ocala, fl, United States 2528 posts
Apr 5th '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting J+D=4:</b>" yeah the ink only lasted maybe a week.. but the scab/scar was there all summer. since I tanned, it was ... [snip!] ... since I tanned, it was still kinda visible for months. I carved "I <3 JG" on my ankle. we broke up a few months later. "</blockquote>

Aw :( at least it wasnt permanent!! Lol

user banned 1 child; Golden, Colorado 28482 posts
Apr 6th '13

I'll let Lily get a tattoo at 16 or above. I was 17 with my first tattoo and it was a cool bonding experience for my Dad and I. I actually stopped talking to him for ages, and then we made amends by getting my first tattoo. Ill do the same with Lily as long as its not a stupid tattoo.