Four year old agression whitney ♥ ainsley 1 child; New Hampshire 16454 posts
Apr 1st '13

I need to know if this is normal, I'm really getting worried.
We were playing at the play place earlier at the mall with my best friend and her kids. My best friend just texted me and told me that her oldest daughter said my daughter punched her youngest in the face 3 times.
Yesterday she was starting fights with the other kids at her grandmothers house.

I don't hit her, we use time outs, her dad and I don't fight.
I just don't know what to do, but I'm worried.


Nickels522 Florida 17031 posts
Apr 1st '13

I think you should start taking away things she love as well as privileges.

♥three babies ♥ 6 kids; Bay City, MI, United States 7392 posts
Apr 1st '13
Quoting Nickels522:" I think you should start taking away things she love as well as privileges."


DeanJade&Mak's Mom 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Los Angeles, CA, United States 8830 posts
Apr 1st '13

My son has ODD... he's a older but we noticed it around age 5 he was really mean and aggresive... I've seen him grabbing my lil 1 and shoving his face into a pillow, and holding him down, he's on meds and we don't usually spank,
We've taken the tv, tablets, games away, no friends over no allowance he has to clean his room and vacumme all rooms for free, help his siblings clean their rooms,

We have behaviour charts and what not, its very scary...