ready to meet my lil man! Heather Melvin 3 kids; Taylorville, Illinois 48 posts
Apr 1st '13

Ok i have 2 kids already both very short labors but induced with both a week or 2 early. I am expecting my third any day now. Last week i was 1 cm dialated and not effaced at all. This week (today) im 3 cm dialated n 70% effaced. About 5 am n 7 am i awoke to what felt like contractions but nothing up until an hour ago. I cleaned out my car to get the babys base in since my dr said she thinks ill go in about 210 weeks. As i was finishing i started to hurt again and this time it felt like i pulled a muscle in my stomach. I need to get my house clean before he gets here but has anyone done this and went into labor the same night? Could i just be in a slow labor all day?

cookie monster (a and p) Due March 2; 2 kids; West Virginia 4452 posts
Apr 1st '13

You are not even considered term yet, I would take it easy.