How to explain Gbg... Due December 2 (girl); 38 posts
Apr 1st '13

How did I explain that I don't want anyone in the delivery room while I am giving birth? With my first baby,I had three people in the room and I still regret it almost 6 years later. Everyone was all over the place,taking photos and videos... It got annoying. With my second child,I had an emergency c-section and no one was there... It was wonderful.

I don't want to be mean,but if I try to explain that I do not want people there, I get responses like "well,I WILL be there" and "I don't care".

user banned -, -, United Kingdom 75061 posts
Apr 1st '13

Let the nurses/Doctor know and they will be sure no one gets in. All I had to do to keep ex's mother and sister out.

CountingBlue+3 3 kids; Brigham City, UT, United States 3800 posts
Apr 1st '13

Honestly, I wouldn't tell anyone when I was going to the hospital. If they don't know, how can they be there? If someone still shows up because they find out, you really need to be a pill and say NO!

tatesmommy09 2 kids; Illinois 4003 posts
Apr 1st '13

You can always play the "angry woman in labor" card. Just compleyely freak out and order everone out of the room. Demand that the nurse throw them put.

Then you can apologize later and act like you werent in control lol.

J+B=Z&L ♡ 2 kids; Pensacola, Florida 5968 posts
Apr 1st '13

Don't tell anyone when you're in labor. And if you have to, tell the hospital staff you don't want anyone in there and they'll make sure of it.

Gbg... Due December 2 (girl); 38 posts
Apr 1st '13

The only two that I have to worry about wanting to be in there is the baby's father and my mother. I know it sounds bad that I don't want them in there,but I just want peace. I don't want people talking,asking a million questions,touching me,etc.

One of them has to stay with my kids,so that won't be a problem. I've gone into premature labor with both of my kids in the past and the OB said this baby will probably try to come early as well. I just don't want people in the room while I'm worrying about the baby. That would just be too stressful,but instead of people understanding,I'm being called selfish and everything else.

Bri + 1.5 <3 Due October 20 (girl); 1 child; Florida 4350 posts
Apr 1st '13

Just don't tell anyone you are in labor.