So weird to see them together *pic* ♡Jamie♡ 1 child; 2 angel babies; Calumet, MI, United States 3553 posts
Mar 31st '13

I'm an only child but have 2 "brothers" and 1 "sister" who were also only children. We grew up kids of very close friends so naturally we were all close. We were raised as siblings and although none of them are close to each other now, I'm close with all of them.

This is the oldest "brother" Josh, holding my DD today at Easter dinner :) It's so sweet he wants to be so involved with us. He even bought her a bunch of Easter presents :)


My other brother has met DD ONCE in 7 months, doesn't seem interested. Won't even hold her. My sister comes over sometimes but she's 35 weeks pregnant and pretty much done with people, lol she wants Lyle out NOW and until then I think she's staying in her house angrily. Lol I get it though, she's pregnant. We have plans for summer to get the babies out for walks together to hang out. It's just crazy how much you change growing up. I was the innocent one and I'm the one with a baby at 18 lol. My sister is 20 almost 21, Josh is 21 and the youngest Devin is just a month younger than me.

Lol sorry for the novel. Feeling sentimental :)