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Mar 31st '13

My husband finally gave in to my want :) I am so excited. Tomorrow I will be having a 3D scan across the border and its only about 50-60 bucks :). Hopefully they will now tell me for sure if I am having boy or girl. I am 24 wks 4 days and was told at 17 wks and 21 it was a girl since they saw no p***s. However friday I had to go and another dr. that I've never been told swore he saw boy parts, he says it was 2 balls,,,like in testicles or scrotum I don't know his equipment was super old like in really really old. Hubby says he saw something too but we really don't want to get our hopes up and I really want a boy but a healthy baby is all that matters. I have a 13 month old baby girl and if its another girl its ok too. I am excited for my 3D scan :) can't wait.

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Mar 31st '13

Awww congrats!