Subtle As A Hurricane 2 kids; Texas 4135 posts
Mar 31st '13
Quoting k,c,k mom:" Try container gardening I have done that for many years between a few different apartments. Cucumbers ... [snip!] ... big container but they produce quickly and if in a pot you can move them and get more year after year, just like strawberries."

Thank you. Container gardening might be my best option since we rent. I'll also be able to bring the plants inside when it freezes. The area I'm in is known for "tricking" plants. It warms up in March. Then there's a cold snap in April around Easter. One year it even snowed on Easter.

TheNuge 1 child; Pennsylvania 23152 posts
Apr 1st '13
Quoting Subtle As A Hurricane:" Another reason I'm on the fence about that garden is because we rent. While we have no plans to move anytime soon, we will eventually. "

I agree with the container approach.
Tomatoes are the easiest plus SOME herbs. Dont waste youre time on coriander (cilantro) but rosemary, basil, mint, oregano and thyme are great and will save you a few bucks.