Pressure.... .? This early? Baby Brain 1 child; 1 angel baby; Alberta 517 posts
Mar 30th '13

So I am 8 weeks along with our second baby (+1 in Heaven) and yesterday I had quite a bit of what I'd call pressure pushing on my pubic bone and also some "pressure" on the inside (I'm assuming the cervix but maybe just the womb itself) i don't remember that ever happening with either of my previous pregnancies. I'm not worried about it, but more curious what the heck it would be from so early. Anyone had this with theirs?

endless possibilities Due November 7; 6 kids; Tacoma, Washington 40890 posts
Mar 30th '13

I do get that sometimes, everything has always been fine so I just assume it's from the extra weight of the uterus and the fact that it hasn't risen up out of the pelvic bone yet. If you have any kind of uterine prolapse, the extra weight even this early can cause it to sag, and then after 10 or 12 weeks it gets too big to stay down there and it rises up and stays up until after your baby is engaged.