Anyone read ultrasound specs? J WOWW 2 kids; 5 angel babies; New York, NY, United States 3836 posts
Mar 29th '13


I'm In the ER cause of spotting that has been on and off for 2 weeks now. They wouldn't let me see the ultrasound or ask questions so I took a pic of this while getting dressed. I'm suppose to be 9 weeks 2 days now? I know they're measurements but idk what any of it means. Who can help a stressed out mom!?

Shannon +4 Due February 22 (boy); 4 kids; Beaumont, Alberta 9281 posts
Mar 29th '13

I would say its good! Your only one day off and they have a heartbeat of the baby!

vagina. 3 kids; Titz, No, Germany 30934 posts
Mar 29th '13

Heartbeat was 155! I think you're okay!

user banned Due November 7 (boy); 1 child; Dayton, Ohio 26853 posts
Mar 29th '13

Heart rate and size ratios all look like they measure. So I think you're alright.

Mann Makin' Mama[BBM] 18 kids; Dalton, Georgia 11563 posts
Mar 29th '13

Looks good to me:)

I had one of these from my OB office when I was 37 weeks and it said I was 35; that's where the worrying came in and turns up Monster had IUGR & stopped growing at 35 weeks.