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Mar 29th '13

I have been on Seroquel for years. I take it for depression and it also helps me sleep. I was on it the whole entire pregnancy with our first daughter. My OB kept a very close eye on our daughter while I was pregnant. We have a total of 3 3d/4d sonograms to make sure she was growing okay and nothing was wrong. She was born healthy and has always been so advance for her age group. She is three now with no side effects from the meds.
Well I recently found out I am pregnant again which is great because we have been trying. My new Dr wants me to go off the Seroquel as soon as I found out I was pregnant. She told me back when I fist told her we were trying that she would give me something to help me sleep since the Seroquel is the only thing that will put me to sleep. My body has become dependent on it so I couldn't just go off of it without something to help me sleep. I also work to jobs which I cannot afford to lose because I am not about to function. She told me yesterday when I called to tell her the news that to contact my OB to help me further. I was highly pissed. So I wanted to know if anyone else has been on this drug and had any problems through their 2nd pregnancy. I know all drugs have the possibility to be different on everyone and the effect too. Just trying to get an idea what to do.