vbac and previous hernia surgery ??? orlons momma 18 kids; Sewell, 1774 posts
Mar 29th '13

I had my c-section 4 years ago and I had mesh put in for a groin hernia a year ago. I'm 23 weeks pregnant and I get this horrible ripping feeling in the top like pubic part of my crotch. When I had my hernia surgery they just cut my c/s scar and its still weird like it itches still like crazy and it gets red and sore on a weekly basis. If I squeeze where it hurts white puss usually comes out like a pimple I guess. My real question is does anyone else have this issue??? My ob said that my scar looks good idk how when it still does that stinging feeling. I just wonder if its infected and if i should see my reg doc. Also the top part of my crotch sorta feels like half numb and its been like that since the hernia surgery is that normal? Any advice is appreciated Thanks

orlons momma 18 kids; Sewell, 1774 posts
Mar 29th '13

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