Baby can't poop HanaK 1 child; Tennessee 966 posts
Mar 28th '13

Dd is 8months old she finally pooped a little after three days. She keeps pushing and she would cry so hard and shake a little it's sooooooooooooo sad I tried enema but idk if I put enough water in? And I didn't wana put too much? I got qTip and insert it w petroleum jelly and didn't really work.. She would only poop little rabbit poops like balls? And I already have her two baths... When she was pooping she pooped three little balls.. And I got qTip and it had blood on it,,, so her little butt ripped a little maybe? Bc she was popping so hard? Idk but she's sleeping now and I know when she wakes up she will have to poop again bc before she slept she had sum more poop but it went back in her butt.... dd is 8pmths and I feel so bad oh and I gave her a little pur

user banned Vancouver, British Columbia 5643 posts
Mar 28th '13

Her butts bleeding because she very constipated and when it's hard like that it can scrape on the way out. Give her prune juice or apple juice. I have to give my LO lactulose because he has issues. You can also try a glycerine suppository.

Brandie Dawne Due November 10; 2 kids; Mt Vernon, Ohio 1234 posts
Mar 28th '13

Juice should do the trick. Always makes my kids poop.

Mrs. Daniel 1 child; California 547 posts
Mar 28th '13

You may want to asses what may have made her constipated and not feed it to her or feed smaller amounts with more fiber packed foods with it. Poor baby. I've had fissures and it's comparable to giving birth. Best of luck in preventing this.

pennylove 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Australia 1527 posts
Mar 28th '13

happened to my son, it was his formula when i changed that he was great.

Angela Nichols 2 kids; California 464 posts
Mar 28th '13

I'd give prune juice before sticking anything up there. or if baby eats solids just feed some prunes

☠Owen Lee's Mommy 1 child; Tennessee 131 posts
Mar 28th '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting Angela Nichols:</b>" I'd give prune juice before sticking anything up there. or if baby eats solids just feed some prunes"</blockquote>

This and if this doesn't work and enemas haven't work may need to change something that she eats if it still hasn't helped deff need to notify doc. My son went through it too did the exact same tried everything and changing formula was all that helped. Is she on soy? And u can also try a lil miralax in her formula like a teaspoon I believe but ask a pharmacist to be sure or put the prunes in her formula just a tablespoon once a day till you work your way up to three times a day if once doesn't work.

HanaK 1 child; Tennessee 966 posts
Mar 29th '13

Ok she's fine now I gave her alot of prune juice (well not a lot more like 1 half oz) and she just now pooped everything out whew. Thanks so much ladies!!! Xoxoxo