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    • Snickerdoodles -- Votes: 10
    • Crumb Cake -- Votes: 4
    • Oh look! A bunny! -- Votes: 2
Snickerdoodles or Crumb Cake? Jacob'sKeeper 2 kids; some little town, MT, United States 9810 posts
Mar 28th '13

DH has been working a ton so I've been making goodies for him and his boss. These are the two in the running for today. Which one?

user banned 2 kids; Iowa 7762 posts
Mar 28th '13

I voted crumb cake cause I don't like snickerdoodles. I had a really good recipe for snickerdoodles that I made for DH's grandma. She went nuts over them.

But crumb cake sound so much nummier.