My heart aches Vindictive Due July 23; 50 kids; Switzerland 31001 posts
Mar 28th '13

My cousin lost his 2 year old son early this morning. :( He choked on a toy at daycare yesterday, the paramedics were able to revive him and get him to the hospital. He was placed on a ventilator, but ended up passing away before they could do surgery. I'm not 100% on the details, why they needed to do surgery.. but my heart is aching. No one should have to go through losing their child.

This brings back all of the pain I felt when we lost Mya. I would never wish it on my worst enemy. :cry:

GavinsMomJohnnysWife 2 kids; Texas 2789 posts
Mar 28th '13

Oh my gosh that is literally my worst nightmare. I am so sorry for your loss and your sisters. No parent should ever lose their child.

Needingabreak 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Somewhere, Bg, United States 12127 posts
Mar 28th '13

I can't even imagine! !! :( Praying for comfort for everyone effected. How horrible!

TheyCallMeMOMMY♥ 3 kids; Albuquerque, New Mexico 6825 posts
Mar 28th '13

:( Thats horrible. I had a friend just loose her 1yrs old last week. She was sick since she was born, had surgery after sugary poor baby didnt make it. So sad. :( Praying for the family

Elle With FOUR! 4 kids; Wichita, KS, United States 18964 posts
Mar 28th '13

oh my god I'm so, so sorry.

Buzz and Almond Joys momm 2 kids; Albuquerque, New Mexico 12593 posts
Mar 28th '13

That's terrible! So sorry for your families loss

Vindictive Due July 23; 50 kids; Switzerland 31001 posts
Mar 28th '13

We lost Mya when I was 36w pregnant, so I know the pain of losing a baby.. but I don't even know how to approach him. How do you comfort someone who lost their 2 year old like that? I'm at a loss for words. I messaged him and told him if he needed someone to cry or scream or vent to, I'm here. But maybe I said something too soon?

Uggh. Our family just keeps getting hit by this crap. :cry:

periwinkle~ 18 kids; Silly, Belgium 206 posts
Mar 28th '13

I'm so sorry, I can't imagine. :cry:

That's the worst thing anyone could go through. I'll keep your family in my thoughts.

Katiedunn Due September 6 (girl); 2 kids; Des Moines, Iowa 446 posts
Mar 28th '13

Im so sorry for you and your families loss. Bless his sweet little innocent soul and his mother

Eli&Elliot's Mommy! 2 kids; Brooklyn, New York 2109 posts
Mar 30th '13

I'm so sorry.