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Mar 27th '13

We all already know I've been having problems with BH contractions and having the normal aches and pains being basically worse than normal... I want some opinions: would you chance it to move small furniture to clean around it? Like, we have a double ottoman that we put stuff in, and it's honestly pretty heavy... and then we have computer stuff in here, too.. .and I'm needing to clean up under and around it; would you move all the stuff around? (By computer, I mean one of those big desktop monitors, the tower is already put up somewhere, it's messed up and not working; so we're gonna be getting rid of it...) Anyway, the monitor we have is pretty heavy. I haven't been told "no heavy lifting", but any time I start moving anything, it makes me hurt. (Of course, I do sit down after just to get my breath...) Just curious, would you chance it or wait til SO comes home so he could help or what?

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Mar 27th '13

psssh, id make my SO do that.

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Mar 27th '13
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status Mar 27th '13

Id wait! Ive bleed a few times this pregnancy and I refuse to even carry the laundry basket cause I was told heavy lifting or straining isnt good