Lucid Dreamer Florida 3888 posts
Mar 27th '13

I would rather lose a few bad customers then tolerate bad treatment. I will never forget one guy who worked in the lumber yard section of a store I used to worked. He was helping a customer get his lumber and when the customer gave him some shit about something he loudly told the customer if he did not like it then get the f**k out of here. Surprisingly the customer shut up and did not ask for the manager

Vitameatavegamin 19 kids; League City, Texas 5829 posts
Mar 27th '13

Screw that "the customer is always right" BS.
The customer can be wrong. VERY wrong.

Where I used to work, the customer pretty much never got their way. Call a supervisor for the really pissed off ones, and they still don't get their way. I love it when people are put in their place. People always like to say "I pay your paycheck!! You have to do this/that!"
Like...... no, I don't. In fact, if I give you what you want, I won't HAVE a paycheck because I'll be fired. People feel so entitled to say whatever they want and think just because they paid money that they can walk around doing whatever they want. Total BS.