Would you call the Dr.? Ellie Goulding 2 kids; London, --, United Kingdom 6218 posts
Mar 26th '13

LO is almost 8 months old and teething. This afternoon, I noticed his voice was a little hoarse and as the day progressed, it got worse. Now he sounds like absolute hell. I feel so bad for him.
He doesn't have a fever, but he has coughed a couple of times. I noticed a very slight runny nose earlier, but it could have been from crying and now it's gone away.
Does anyone know what this could be? Is there any way it could be related to teething or is it definitely viral? Would you call the pedi in the AM or wait it out? I'm a FTM and I'm worried about him but I don't know if I'm overreacting because he doesn't have a fever, but he does seem to be in discomfort.
Thanks in advance!
ETA: I've given him a dose of baby Tylenol and he's sleeping near a humidifier. Anything else I can do for him?

Fertile Myrtle +4 Due November 11 (girl); 3 kids; Charleston, South Carolina 17836 posts
Mar 26th '13

I try to not go to the ped too often, because it seems my kids always catch something new there. Plus, most things I can deal with at home.

If you are worried, call. Otherwise, it could just be from allergies (I didn't see where you lived. Down here, it's horrible. Pollen everywhere. Kids and I are all struggling from it.) And then if it's just a sore throat, I try to give warm drinks that will help soothe it.

newmommie12 17 kids; Michigan 601 posts
Mar 26th '13

Johnsons makes baby vapor baths if his nose is stuffy you can use little noses to keep the air way clear. And vicks baby vapor rub steamy bathrooms.

taking a look at life Palm beach gardens, FL, United States 49166 posts
Mar 26th '13

i tried to avoid it today because my poor daughter has pink eye and what other parent wants pink eye on there child. But i would wait 2 more days