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Mar 26th '13

So DS is about 17.5 months old. Lately he seems like he's all ready to grow up! Starting 2 days ago he just decided he didn't want his paci anymore. We only really used it at bed time and nap time but today is day 3 without it! We weren't trying to wean him from it, and I have given it to him in the past few days, but whenever I give it to him he spits it out. So I guess we're done with it! Today about 15 mins before nap time he was rolling around on the floor, eating cheerios, and I swear like 2 seconds later he was just passed out. I picked him up to put him in his crib and he woke up a little but went right back out. I love how he's learning to put himself to sleep so easily without the paci! I was so worried it was going to be a struggle getting him to get rid of it. Apparently I was horrible with mine and had two with me at all times until I was at least 3. So I'm happy :)

Also, MIL was watching him the other night while DH and I went out to dinner. She told us that he let her know when he needed his diaper changed. He grabbed the wipes and laid down by himself ready to go! He doesn't really do that here because I have his changing station on the long dresser in his bedroom and everything is out of his reach. He will pat his diaper though if he's dirty, but won't do it all of the time. And last night I put him on his potty while I filled the bath tub up, even though we aren't officially potty training yet - I just want him to start getting used to the idea, and he peed in his potty! I cheered for him and he got so excited lol. I'm just so proud of my lil man :) Maybe come October we will only have one child in diapers!

Jackie Burkhart 1 child; Baltimore, MD, United States 7351 posts
Mar 26th '13

Aww, good for you and him!

DS never wanted a paci, he hated it. He just screamed more if I gave him one. He's 19 months, and can't fall asleep on his own, I help him out by rubbing his back or patting his butt so I'm a little jealous. lol.