I wish he'd poop train too, ugh! I♡C&R. 2 kids; Collinsville, IL, United States 25576 posts
Mar 26th '13

DS turned 3 back in Feb. He's 100% pee trained day, naps, night, in public, etc. But, for the life of me, will NOT poop in the big boy potty. He asks for diapers and if I tell him no, he poops in his undies. I'm not rushing him, but it'd be nice to give up diapers altogether...

Punk Rock Princess {EBFT} 3 kids; Killeen, Texas 26911 posts
Mar 26th '13

My oldest pee trained himself at 3.5 and didn't poo on the potty at all until almost 4.5 (believe me, not for a lack of trying on our part). But once he did it he had it down, no accidents!

♥TwinsRock♥ 2 kids; Buffalo, New York 4471 posts
Mar 26th '13

I'm sure you have, but what if he poops in his undies? Do you think he will eventually get sick of it? DS was harder to poo train. I had to find something he REALLY liked (gummies) and I put them in a clear container on top of the fridge so he could see them but not get to them. The ONLY way he could have some (2) was to go poop in the potty. Probably took about a week and he now doesn't even ask for them anymore when he poops in the potty.

**mrsNance** Washington 5 posts
Apr 3rd '13

I feel your pain. My son is 5 and we just got the hang of the pooping thing. Mostofthat was due to his bio mommy neglecting to address his constipation... And still makes him wear pull-ups so that she doesn't have to deal with the accidents. Boys are harder to potty train even without extra issues... But I will say, t least with my son, having him in underwear helped, because in pull-ups, hell get lazy and go just cuz he can. And I make him go every 2 hours, tops