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Mar 26th '13

No lie the same shit happend to my husband a few years back he was so bad into it that he would do it on his phone while he was at work! And then when it came down to it he wouldn't be able to get hard when it was time for sex. I really thought it was me and started being like on top of him over that stuff (bad idea) when I confronted him he would lie, say I was making it up and everything but even when I would show him his mess and the history finally one day he admitted he had a problem!! He always said he did it so he wouldn't cheat! Whenever I said was it because of me he said no it was something he did cause he liked it! Fast toward he almost lost me and things changed and now he's doing good and we are making things work!!

If you ever need to talk you can pm me when I say I went threw this for over 3 years I could write a book lol

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Mar 26th '13

well maybe im over reacting he woke up today and had sex with me