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Journey's Gramma Due September 13 (girl); Jacksonville, Florida 2 posts
Mar 27th '13
Quoting Photo Assassin:" I don't even want to talk about my Hoo Ha! (lol) I am almost willing to go to a place myself to see ... [snip!] ... would be happy for a girl, if it is, but I swear, I am carrying a MONKEY inside me, I have never had hair in places I do now!"

It really doesn't cost that much. The place we are going to "A Stork's View" it only cost $45 for a gender ultrasound. This place is so much nicer then a doctor's office, I took my daughter when she was 12 weeks just so we could get a peek. She has lost 2 babies and we just needed to see that there really was a baby in there an hear the heart beat. It was awesome. It was the best $45 I've ever spent. It really put my mind at ease and now to be going back to get the 4D u/s is so excting.
Oh and I'm ot in Japan. I don't know why this site is saying I am..LOL!!