3D ultrasound pictures! Megs! 2 kids; 159 posts
Mar 25th '13

What better way to prepare for baby. :)
Here are my pictures from today! 27 weeks 5 days, he is soo cute!
Emerson Jace

Mr. grumpy gills kept frowning and turning away haha
Big yawn!
Lookin' cute :)
And finally.. i think its safe to say he has his dads chin! ahahaha :)

user banned -, -, United Kingdom 75061 posts
Mar 25th '13

Def has Daddy's chin. Looks like he's gonna have your nose and lips though :)

☮Sugar Magnolia 1 child; Indiana 18298 posts
Mar 25th '13


And Emerson is an awesome name :D

Mommyof3<3<3<3 Due May 10 (boy); 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Red Deer, Alberta 720 posts
Mar 25th '13

OMG HE'S SOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats mama!!!

Megs! 2 kids; 159 posts
Mar 25th '13

Thanks ladies! I can't wait until he is here! :)

Eva Aguilar Due August 27 (boy); Springfield, Missouri 1 posts
Apr 3rd '13

Its so cute how he has your nose!!!