pregnant issues MoM oF sOoN tO bE 4 Due November 9 (boy); 35 kids; New Jersey 1126 posts
Mar 25th '13

Ok so I'm almost 7 weeks along. I have 3 kids going on my 4th now. Lately since I found out I can't sleep at night. I keep waking up feeling really hot dehydrated and uncomfortable. Everyday I feel nauseous throughout the whole day no matter what I eat or drink some help for possibly 5 min then that's it back to feeling nauseous again. I'm so tired n exhausted I can't even get out if bed to take care if my kids. This is going to be a veryyyy longggg pregnancy. I didn't feel like this with any of my other 3 I hope I'm not having twins haha. How are all you other mommy's feeling?

MoM oF sOoN tO bE 4 Due November 9 (boy); 35 kids; New Jersey 1126 posts
Mar 25th '13
Quoting Tristan and Liams mommy:" oh and I already had a u/s and im not having twins! so maybe thats a good signs for you? lol"

lol !!!! i havent even been to my first inital check up yet im waiting on my stuff with the insurance. i just went to my first "hey your pregnant" appointment today and my due date changed to the 13th only a day but whatever ILL TAKE A DAY OR 2 OR 7!!! hahahah anything to make it go quicker hahha. i felt like that on friday all shakey and weak and i felt like if i got out of bed i was going to pass out. my doctor today told me to help with nausea, lemons or lemonade i bought lemon drops like hard candy to suck on. it was ok not bad didnt make me feel like crap so ill take any home remedy now im going to make some lemon tea with honey. see if it helps any.....i have a quick personal question.....(WARNING TMI) have u been having trouble pooping? i havent pooped since last week and i keep getting gassy and feel like i got to g and then nothing.