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Mar 25th '13
Quoting Twizzlahs:" Interesting read Lucid Dreamer, thanks for sharing! I absolutely believe in an afterlife. I've had memories ... [snip!] ... there and if she needed anything. Of course, she was still in her room but said she heard it too. Creeped me the hell out. Lol"

I am glad you enjoyed the link. You might really enjoy this other link which is about a young boy who who remembered a past life as a WWII pilot whose plane got shot down.

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Mar 25th '13

Oh yeah, I read about that boy before! I watched a series on youtube last week that had 11 parts i believe that was about 4 Australian ladies who did regressions in the 80's and they were brought to Europe to see the places that they had PL's in. It was really cool!