due dates ** 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Conway, Arkansas 3579 posts
Mar 24th '13

It's hard to think we are about to roll into the month of January due dates again, I can't believe that my baby would be a year old by the time they were sucks..even though I haven't thought about my angel a lot lately, something weird like this just hits me like a ton of bricks..and the hurt starts all over again it seems :(

Any of you go through this kind of thing? Or am I just dwelling too much?

Allissa Specht 3 kids; 2 angel babies; Essexville, Michigan 5736 posts
Mar 24th '13

I have a hard time when it comes time for what would have been their due dates/birthdays. It is normal I believe, and randomly, when I think of it, it makes me cry.

user banned Due January 20; 33 kids; North Carolina 14662 posts
Mar 24th '13

I couldn't go to a friend's baby shower last week. She is a few weeks ahead of where I should be.
3 weeks ago, I went to another friends baby shower, and came home and cried.
It happens.