10 months old Brandi Coughlan 2 kids; Easton, Pennsylvania 628 posts
Mar 24th '13

How much is your 10 month old eating & how often (food & milk)

Mandy and her girls!~ 4 kids; Illinois 13726 posts
Mar 24th '13

My daughter will be 10 months on the 31st and she is still breastfeeding about 4-5 times a day. She doesn't drink anything else, I can't get her to drink out of a sippy. I bought her a new one to try so hopefully she'll take it. She eats all the meals like we do pretty much. For breakfast she has either pancakes, waffles, a banana, egg. For lunch usually a piece of cheese and one of those squeeze packets with fruit in it. For supper it's usually whatever we have unless it's something she can't really eat then I will give her another squeeze packet with veggies. She has snacks in between too like fruit or yogurt. She eats alot and often lol.