now i'm a little confused.. FanGirl 2 kids; Tennessee 24395 posts
Mar 23rd '13

so i was looking through this forum and found one mentioning a "breath holding spell". DD has done this before, only to the point of her face turning red, and out of anger. someone in that post said that it is something dangerous (could cause seizures). i've never heard this. :shock: i was always told that it's a normal reaction and that if they held it long enough to pass out, they'd breath once they passed out.

now i know this is going to sound a bit extreme. MIL said her sister used to get mad and purposely hold her breath. her doc told her parents to just let her hit the floor. that she'd only do it one good time and it hurting would make her quit. now i wouldn't go this far (unless she's like 5^ and doing it throwing a fit), but is it really something to be concerned about?

hope i worded all this right. it's a little after 5 am here and i haven't been to bed yet...

The Blissful Six 4 kids; 1 angel baby; Massachusetts 10260 posts
Mar 23rd '13

My 15 year old DD used to get so worked up crying she'd hyper ventilate and pass out. She did indeed have a cyanotic seizure once. It was quite frightening. That was the last time she ever had one of those episodes.