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Mar 23rd '13


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Mar 23rd '13

Just understand that that's your attitude and people aren't being rude or intending to be rude. You're miserable so you're perceiving things differently than you normally would.

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Mar 23rd '13

I know how you feel i was 32 weeks with DS and people were shocked that i still had 8 more weeks (plus i went 15 days PAST my due date!) it sucks. I have a few freinds having babies right now and thats the one thing i try NOT t say just because I remember how much it annoyed me! Just a few more weeks and your sweet baby will be here. Hang in there!

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Mar 23rd '13

I went into preterm labor at 26 weeks and ever since then my son had dropped. It was painful to do anything, I couldn't put my shoes from that point. I wasn't even huge, I was quite tiny. Every time I had doctors come in to check me they would ask me if I had already given birth because they couldn't see my belly.

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Mar 23rd '13

I just feel like crying when I walk even 1 step. She is so low the pain is becoming unbearable.

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Mar 23rd '13

It's annoying, especially when you're in pain, but just know that people mean well. Pregnancy just makes people happy, even strangers.

When DH and I were at the mall in December (years ago when I was pregnant) I had a few people stop me to ask if I was having a Christmas baby. When I told them more like a Valentine's Day baby they were convinced I was having twins or that there was no possible way I'd make it that long.

By the time I was 20 weeks the pain started and it got worse as the weeks passed. I had so much pressure by 32 weeks that I felt like he was going to fall out of me. My back hurt so bad, I could hardly lift my legs at times. Stepping into the shower, getting out of bed, getting dress, it was all a struggle. 8 more weeks, mama!