My friend needs some insight please! suck it 3 kids; New York 16101 posts
Mar 22nd '13

B and Q (both 4) were playing is B's room. I walk in to put J in there for a nap.. well they were both under the blankets and popped up look suspicious.. I asked what they were doing and they get all embarrased. I sat them down individually. First Q (We had a talk about bad touch last month cause he was putting his hands down everyones pants). Asked what they were doing and he said "playing hide and seek". I went to ask B and he said "Smelling bums". So I asked Q again and told him what B said. So he went into a time out for lying after he said yes he lied.. Then I asked B if Q did bad touches. He said "Yes, bum and p***s". I went and asked Q in timeout, he said yes he did do bad touches & said where he touched. B said he touched B too. I talked to both of them alone about what bad touches are and that if anyone ever touches their private spots that they need to scream and tell your Mommy and Daddy. I told Q he can tell me too if Im watching him at the time. Im going to be freaking sick I don't know what to think or do.

*B & D Mommy* Due January 19; 2 kids; Illinois 16283 posts
Mar 22nd '13

They probably just don't understand fully. It seems they are super curious about their bodies and that you handled it well.

Regina George ♡ 1 child; New York, New York 22314 posts
Mar 22nd '13

I'd probably call the dr and check some things out.
I know "sexual interests" is normal in children but usually that starts a little later then 4.

The Pretender Due May 5; 2 kids; Brazil 1232 posts
Mar 22nd '13

It is something little kids are naturally curious about- but that being said, you probably shouldn't leave then in any situation where they're even a little bit unsupervised anymore.

motherofboys 3 kids; Milton-Freewater, Oregon 2263 posts
Mar 22nd '13

I recently went through something similar with my then 8 year old and his 8 year old cousin. The two of them were watching a movie in the bedroom and kept shutting the door with his little brother outside and I kept opening the door. It turns out they were kissing, lol, he and I had a long talk about why we shouldn't do that. I told his cousins mother what was going on, I'm not sure how she handled it though as they were returning to Alaska that same day. While awkward, it is not unusual to have this happen. It is best to keep an eye out and intervene while giving a serious talk about it. Try not to make it into a huge deal, but still get your point across that it is simply not appropriate. Really though, vigilance is key, even after talking about it, kids are still curious they will try again but will become a bit more secretive about it. So it helps to frequently check in on the kids so as not to give them the opportunity for inappropriate exploration.

suck it 3 kids; New York 16101 posts
Mar 22nd '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting *B & D Mommy*:</b>" They probably just don't understand fully. It seems they are super curious about their bodies and that you handled it well."</blockquote>

That's what I told her, she just asked me to post for more advice. Thank you! :)

Ma Belle Due November 7; 1 child; Toronto, Ontario 895 posts
Mar 31st '13

Its actually really normal and common, I think you handled it well. Its just a learning opportunity. I know as adults we immediately think of it as sexual but 4 year olds are just curious, not sexual. They want to see what it looks like on other kids, they want to see what the opposite sex looks like ect.. its not a sexual attraction or feeling in any way.

I know its unnerving but I wouldn't freak out too much about it or worry. Just keep an eye on them, talk to them about it and tell them if they have any questions about private parts just ask their Mom and Dad to explain instead of looking at other kids.