Harry Potter Trivia 3/22 Klaus 2 kids; Mississippi 27174 posts
Mar 22nd '13


Here are the trivia questions for today!

If you aren't a part of the trivia game and would like to be (you know you wanna!) then you can request sorting in the main trivia thread.

Please keep in mind these simple rules:
1. NO CHEATING. You are not allowed to use the internet to answer any trivia questions unless otherwise specified. Only the books, movies, etc. can be used, in addition to your own memory.
2. Send your answers to me via PM ONLY. Do not post your answers this thread or in the main thread. I cannot stress this enough! If you break this rule, I will eat you. I'm not even kidding.
3. When submitting your answer, include your NAME, HOUSE and SOURCE. Not including this information will result in you not receiving credit for you answers. If you forget, you have until I close this trivia question to send the missing info in a reply to your original PM.
4. You must answer at least one main trivia question in order to attempt the bonus.

Question 1 (200 points if correct, -100 if incorrect)
What is Harry's signature spell?

Question 2 (200 points if correct, -100 if incorrect)
What two things are fatal to a basilisk? (must list BOTH for credit)

Bonus Question: (100 points each)
List Gilderoy Lockhart's book titles.

This trivia will be closed at 7 pm CST on Sunday, 3/24.