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Mar 23rd '13
Quoting ~Julie Blue Eyes~:" <blockquote><b>Quoting IDGAF ❤:</b>" If people are soo worried about 12 f**king ... [snip!] ... payment, rather than look at the big picture number, that you will end up paying for that car, after all is said and done, huh?"

Never said it wasn't but for each person to b***h & complain about welfare when they only pay 12 cents is stupid as hell. Nobody gives a shit about these multi-million dollar companies that pocket much more of your tax money. Nobody gives a shit that they make the rich even richer, they would rather b***h about those who are in need taking 12 cents out of their tax money, which is f**king sad. They would rather b***h about who bought what with food stamps, than worry about a huge corporation that made themselves even richer from your tax dollars right?

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Mar 23rd '13

i know someone who has 4 kids and receives $900 a month in food stamps. the reason why i think that is too much is because that is about how much a minimum wage person is going to bring home ina whole month. generally for the 4 of us we spend 100-200 a month on food. we cannot afford the expensive good for us foods though we have been trying to buy that kind of food a little more often but it is hard.
i worked at walmart and i would ring up people with 3 carts full of food at the beginning of the month and then they would have a separate order so the food stamp people couldn't see they were buying beer. they insisted it be rang up separate so they couldn't be tracked (not everyone obviously) and other things.
i do think they should be able to buy treats b/c everyone deserves some nice things BUT i also think that there should be a limit on what they can and cannot buy. like the wic program makes people buy certain products maybe the food stamp program should not allow certain things as well.
i have been on food stamps before when things were rough and that was honestly the most money we ever spent in a month on food. family of 4 (i wasn't married to my husband at the time and they wouldn't count him as a person in the house but they couldn't his income - made no sense) and we received 200 a month and that was great! i am thankful to the program but think more rules are needed.