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Mar 21st '13

He wants another baby.:shock::D Well, to try for his "boy" After three daughters, you'd think he'd realize we're destined for girls ;) I'm completely NOT opposed to the idea since I've always wanted 4 children and we've agreed that it won't be for a few years. I just wasn't expecting it since he said no more after our 6 month old was born. Reason being I had a bad panic attack before surgery and actually thought I was going to die leaving my daughters without a mom (dumb, I know but that's how I felt at first) First two were not planned but our third was. I've had c-sections with all three (emergency with first, planned with second/third because doctor's around here won't okay VBACs :( ) So I'm really hoping that IF we decide to TTC in a couple years that I'll get my VBA3C. First time pushing almost killed our daughter and myself so c-section was our only option. But knowing that our babies get smaller in size (1 was 9.9, 2 was 8.15 and 3 was 8.5) and knowing I could have successfully vaginally delivered our second and third, I KNOW I can have a successful VBA3C especially since my scar tissue is so minimal. Anyway, he said he would like to try on/before our youngest turns 4 *I said any time before 30, I don't want anymore after 30*. Seems okay to me. Our daughters would be 9, 8 and 4 by then and 4 is the farthest gap I'd like between them. Our 5 year old doesn't seem to interact with baby as much as our 4 year old does and I think it's because of the age gap. I told him that I don't want to TTC any sooner than our youngest being a year and a half. Give us time to breast feed (until she's 2) and get his truck as close to paid off as possible.

FB friends:: DO NOT REPEAT THIS YET. Nothing is official just yet.

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Mar 21st '13


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Mar 21st '13
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I'm glad we still have a while. We are adding on to the house next year and I want to have that done first. We still have 6 years until 30 so we have plenty of time ;)

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Apr 5th '13

Omg yay!!!!!!!!!