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Mar 21st '13
Quoting j0des(+2):" I have two kids, who rarely nap(one doesnt)..and my house is clean. *shrug*"

I have 3 and I babysit my niece who is 7 months and so is my house.

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Mar 21st '13

OP, what are your kid's doing right now?

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Mar 21st '13
Quoting Stephanie Onyembi:" I pressed 2 of his fingers down on his teeth JUST ENOUGH for him to feel it. But when he bites his brother, ... [snip!] ... he's going to get bitten. Because despite what some super moms may think, they can't be in my sight every second of every day."

I get the frustration but your two year old isn't going to understand, neither is a 15 month old that is why you need to watch them and prevent it from happening as best you can. Even with your method the biting isn't going to stop overnight, it's obviously a habit for him now. Habits are hard to break but especially hard when it's a baby who hasn't yet developed reasoning, patience or the ability to verbalize his wants/needs. I'm sure you are at your wits end by now and understandably so but the real solution is that you need to keep a very sharp eye on them now. You need to be right there when it happens immediately correcting the behavior, preventing it when you can and stopping it before it gets to the point of bruises and broken skin. If they are in another room alone you are only alerted after the screaming starts.
It's not always easy especially when you are used to doing things a different way but sometimes you have to change your normal routines because life happens. It might take you awhile to get into the swing of things but you'll adjust. You'll find ways to keep them in your sight and do the other things you need to because you are a Mom and finding ways to juggle a bunch of shit is most of the job description, LOL.
Just remember that this won't last forever and you can get through it.

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Mar 21st '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting 3 little monsters:</b>" I get the frustration but your two year old isn't going to understand, neither is a 15 month old that ... [snip!] ... a bunch of shit is most of the job description, LOL. Just remember that this won't last forever and you can get through it. "</blockquote>


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Mar 21st '13

your the parent but i think biting him is a little extreme(my option)
i was jsut told that SO's sister would put her son in the high chair and turn it around. someone also said try a pack N play for time out.
i am struggling with my son hitting me its so frustrating bc its only me that he hits when i tell him no or take somethign away. ive tried to spank him put in him time out just sitting him down but he jsut gets up.
good luck hun liek other mama said its not going to last forever & you can get through this! just liek those nights of waking up every 2-3 hrs for feedings. thinking you'll never caught up on sleep

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Mar 21st '13
Quoting 3 little monsters:" I get the frustration but your two year old isn't going to understand, neither is a 15 month old that ... [snip!] ... a bunch of shit is most of the job description, LOL. Just remember that this won't last forever and you can get through it. "

Very well said.

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Mar 21st '13

I guess im itching for it, but if it worked.... you arent beating him, having him draw blood, etc. Maybe teach you two year old that being a big helper and tell baby "ouch, that hurts. No! " and doesnt continue playing. that way he will feel more in control and it is consistant that everyone can do it. Then your baby can learn that he will be left alone andnot entertained if he bites. Just another option to try.

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Mar 21st '13

I have a 16 month old who loved biting. He used to do it a lot, but a firm NO BITE and redirection worked. Took a while, but it worked. You just have to have patience and stick with it. Sorry but I have to side with your pedi.. a 15 month old is still pretty young, he more than likely doesn't understand why you are forcing him to bite himself...
How are you even getting him to do that?:shock:
Have you ever thought that he might have a tooth coming in and the only way to relieve it is to chomp down on something?

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Mar 21st '13

You know what proved to me that biting a kid, or showing them that biting doesn't hurt by having them bite themselves doesn't work? My twins. They bit each other ALL THE TIME. They clearly knew it hurt, but they did it anyway.
You just have to keep them apart and if you see him going in for a bite, give him something leather or that sort of texture to bite on and tell him "we do not bite people. Biting hurts." If you do that consistently, it will work.
Kids go through a developmental stage where biting feels really good to them when they are frustrated, some kids do it more than others, but it is super common and should be treated like any other behavior that isn't desired: 1. Keep them from hurting other kids however you have to. 2. Be consistent

At his age, that is all you can do. If you give it too much attention he is going to do it just to see your super fun reaction.

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Mar 22nd '13

My son has accidently bit himself a few times before...he still bites haha...more so when he's teething.....but what got him to stop doing it like crazy was redirection.

You need to make the negative reaction stern but then follow with an exaggerated positive redirection. I would go " No that hurts Mommy ( sucks air through teeth)" then say " Is your mouth bothering you? LOOK TEETHER !" and clap and say yay when he bites on the teething ring. Pretty soon he was more anxious to bite on the teethin ring to get a better reaction....

So maybe your son is biting to get that just need to work with him

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Mar 27th '13
Quoting A❤T=P&W:" OP, what are your kid's doing right now?"

Sorry I haven't been on in a few days. To answer your question, they were sleeping. The point I was trying to get across to some people is that it doesn't matter if they are in my sight. If I'm not looking directly at my children, it can happen in a split second. They can be right in front of my face, if I'm looking at my book while I'm studying, or talking to my can happen that fast. So it won't necessarily stop just because they are right next to me. I don't think it makes me a bad mom for trying to protect one child from the other the fastest way I could think of. Someone said that "no good doctor would recommend physically hurting your children as a form of discipline." Well this "good doctor"...a PEDIATRITIAN, recommended that I put my 1 year old in his BED for a timeout. His bed should never be a negative place. So doctors aren't right about everything, it seems. My pediatritian also thinks that parents who are anti-vax are irresponsible parents. So I know there's plenty of you out there who don't agree with my pediatritian. I'm much more likely to take your advice seriously if you at least make it sound like you understand the frustrations I have (as any mom with this problem would), and then try to give constructive advice, like the last few posters did. I'm much less likely to take you seriously if you judge and call me a "failure as a mom" like someone else did. I'm a damn good mom, and I don't need approval from anyone. You don't know, I could do everything exactly like you when it comes to raising your children, but because I do ONE thing you don't agree with, I'm a failure. Hmm. That's a tad judgemental. Anyway, the biting has stopped. My 2 year old is healing, and the boys are learning to at least co-exist. And I'm slowly regaining my sanity.